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Business Coaching and Mentorship

Emerging Markets Africa (EMSA)

EMSA offered SARC a contract to carry out business coaching and mentor ship for Uganda Best farmers 2017  

Business Coaching and Mentor ship Training

The three days Business coaching and mentorship training was held at the Africa Agribusiness Academy (AAA) from the 13th to 15th June 2017 and was conducted by Strategic Advisory and Research Consulting Limited (SARC). It was attended by twelve Best farmers.The training had both paper presentation with question and answer sessions. It was mainly participatory with practical demonstrations to enable sharing of experiences from the trainers and the trainees.

The training equipped the selected Best farmers with skills that would enable them to maximize benefits from the Best farmer mission 2017 in the Netherlands. The training started with identifying the expectations of the trainees and it covered the following areas: A brief description of coaching and mentoring, business etiquette, do’s and don’ts while in the Netherlands, business communication, pitching for partnerships, developing personal profiles, how to grow one’s business, developing business strategies, how to add value to products and penetrate the export market, understanding one’s business, financial management, record’s keeping and taxation in agri-business. The training was spiced up with experiences from the previous Best farmers. The participants rated the training as informative and majority would recommend the same to future best farmers.

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