Welcome to the SARC Resource Webpage!

Here you will find guidelines for visiting SARC archives and requesting/Handling materials, as well as suggestions and advice  for citing archival resources

What to Find in Our Archives 

You will find a collection of materials kept and reserved by Strategic Advisory & Research Consulting Ltd. (SARC) for their intrinsic value or research value.

The content of our collection ranges widely, from those related to SARC history, rare books, collections, and special collections that might be subject-specific.

In our archival material will find paper documents, studies/reports, programs, photographs and video clips, and historical artifacts

SARC Archival collections have different names depending on the kind of items they house.

Why You Should Visit SARC Archives 

SARC archives will offer you a chance to do research best on primary source materials. Some professions or disciplines require archival research as the foundation. Using our archives will ground your research in a particular historical context and could move your work in new directions

Who Uses Our Archives?

SARC archives are not limited to only professional academic Researchers, but they also have materials to help with personal genealogical Research.

Where to start