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Follow up Agribusiness Market Scan for Uganda

Follow up Agribusiness Market Scan for Uganda

 Among other objectives, The Agribusiness Market Scan 2016 was to provide options for trade and investment for the Dutch.

The study was conducted by a team from SARC  led by Justine J Namaalwa  (PhD) as Principal Investigator and Matthew Lubuulwa as Co- investigator. The report provided an over view of the major value chains and SWOT analysises. Different enterprises were compared in order to  recommend particular value chains for Dutch investment. The enterprises recommend were; Coffee Cassava, Seed oil crops, (sesame and G. nuts), Horticultural crops, Fish farming, Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Cocoa and potato.

Visualization of the eight Selected Agricultural Value Chains.

The RVO  further  assigned SARC to follow up the Agribusiness Market Scan for Uganda. The role of SARC team was  to produce brochures and  audio visual DVD containing the eight clips. In addition, a general documentary covering all the value chains with an introductory clip from selected stakeholders and the Embassy officials.

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