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Justine J. Namaalwa (PhD):  Dr Justine is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University. She pursued PhD studies in Resource Economics and MSc. Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture. Justine is engaged is Teaching, Research and Community Outreach. Her research work is both as a University Employee (mainly for academic research) and as a member/associate of research organisations (e.g. the Uganda Land Alliance) and consulting firms (SARC Ltd).

Justine has research interests and has thus engaged (as a team leader and team member) in the areas of Resource Economics, Agriculture and Agri-business, Resource Modelling,  Land and resource use, Resource Assessment and valuations, and Forestry and Climate change.

Justine has participated (as a lead implementer) in an Action Research on “Strengthening the competitiveness of Uganda’s agricultural agro-processing sector through enterprise or firm level interventions for agri-business development using the value chain approach”. In addition, she has participated in several research activities and consultancies relating to evaluation of programmes such as the Evaluation of Finnish Development Research; the Feasibility Assessment for Conservation Agreements and Identification of Suitable Value Chains in Selected sites in Uganda; Assessing the progress of implementation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) for Uganda; and Development of the Land Governance Assessment Framework for Uganda.

The experience gained from the teaching, research and consultancy assignments, makes Dr. Justine Namaalwa a competent individual in leading and guiding teams to accomplish an Agri-business Market Scan.  She also has the ability and experience in gathering different forms of information through desk reviews and field level investigations (including individual/stakeholder interactions as well as group level discussions) including designing appropriate information capture tools and training in their use. Justine has the experience to synthesize, analyse and present complex and detailed information in a concise form for different target groups including academicians, development partners and policy makers/implementers.

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Senior Lecturer at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University