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Investment Identification Promotion & Implementation

Strategic Advisory & Research Consulting Ltd helps in identifying investment opportunities, promotion and implementation for its clients,  basing on their needs and resources. The consultancy offers unsurpassed local an international expertise and knowledge of the market together with deep understanding of the political, economical  and social realities that may impact any investment. The SARC specialists understand the complexities of investments particular to the sectors of focus.

SARC  offers clients a sophisticated means of evaluating any opportunity and provides a level of analysis, advise and support that is invaluable during the investment process. The strategy of SARC is to form business relation ships for the long- term, serving as a source of knowledge and support through out every investment phase and issue. The result of our client is a comprehensive understanding of opportunity, and ultimately a successful and high quality investment.

  • Identification of investment opportunity and development of acquisition/investment strategy
  • Organisation of financial and legal due diligence;
  • Assistance in identification of potential risks risks including, political, legal, financial and social risks surrounding potential investment;
  • Analysis of proposals from potential investors, preparation of a term sheet  and exclusivity agreements with a likely investor/ investors
  • Organisation of  settlements between the parties and closing of the transaction.

Dr. Juatine Namaalwa (SARC)
With Dr. Stephen Birungi (ALPHASAN)


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